How To Choose A Micro SD Card

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Published: 09th July 2010
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With so many memory cards and electrical devices on the market it can be difficult knowing which type of memory card to choose. A micro SD card is a removable flash memory card which can be used in a variety of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, digital cameras, portable media players and Nintendo SD flash carts.
If you want to know how to choose a micro SD card, then it is a good idea to learn about the types of micro SD card available and the differences between them. The different types of micro SD card include; SanDisk, Transcend and Samsung memory cards. All of these cards are available in a variety of memory sizes ranging from 2GB, up to anything as large as 32GB.

The micro SD card, as suggested by its name, is the smallest type of memory card available. Its dimensions are just about a quarter of the size of a standard SD card, measuring just 15mm x 11mm x 1mm. Micro SD cards can however, be used in devices intended to be used with standard SD cards, through the use of a special adapter.

The TransFlash card is the same as the micro SD card and both can be used in devices that are intended for each of the memory cards. There is one slight difference between these cards however and that is; the micro SD card adds support for SDIO mode which enable non-memory cards like Bluetooth, GPS, and Near Field Communication devices to work.

The TransFlash memory card was originally created by SanDisk who named it T-Flash, which then eventually became TransFlash. The memory card was re-named micro SD when it was adopted by the SD Card Association which is why these cards are the same as each other.

When you are choosing your micro SD card, it is important not to be confused by the newer micro SDHC card. These cards have a similar format but the SDHC card cannot be used in all devices intended for use with the micro SD card. If you are still concerned about how to choose a micro SD card then check with your retailer before you purchase.

Many retailers offer good quality micro SD cards at low cost and will be more than willing to offer help and advice to ensure you choose the right micro SD card.

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